Code of Ethics and Environmental Policy

Olimpia informs and brings continuing education to subjects operating in the company, as to say all those subjects who are interested and/or influenced by its activities, for what may concern its corporate social responsibility policies and actions adopted.

Environmental Policy

In accordance with its mission and main international standards, Olimpia is actively engaged in the limitation of environmental damages through consistent actions.

Among these:

Compliance with the Law

We comply to the legislative and international requirements on environmental matters. We apply a precautionary approach towards environmental challenges.

In all those cases where there is a lack of scientific certainty we act with thorough attention in order to preserve the environment and minimize any potential impact upon it.

Insights and Research

We investigate direct and indirect effects generated throughout the life cycle of our products and we assess social and economic influences of our environmental impacts.

Optimizazion Solutions

We aspire to adopt solutions which optimize energy consumption, emissions of substances harmful for the environment and people, water consumption and waste production of our offices, warehouse and manufacturing plants.

Our planning follows the standard criteria oriented to energy efficiency and reduction of the environmental impact. We operate a policy of reuse and use of raw materials from sustainable sources. We are committed to reduce the amount of packaging in order to avoid wastage.

We promote ethic treatment of animals throughout all our supply chain and eschew any cruelty towards them. Our research and development are oriented towards the reduction of the environmental impact in the production/use/end of our items or towards the creation of new eco-friendly products.

We promote the use of materials from sustainable sources whose production/extraction/processing has a low impact on biodiversity, ecosystems, climate change and soil conservation.

We look for solutions apt to eliminate chemicals harmful to humans and to the environment from our products and production processes.

Involvement and awareness of our supply chain

We involve our supply chain, from raw materials to subcontractors and service suppliers, in a growth path pertaining environmental awareness through a sharing and respect of the sustainability principles and the adoptions of actions of continuous improvement.

We listen and communicate with our supply chain in an open and constructive manner in order to identify common projects and objectives on environmental protection.


Olimpia shares, recognizes and is committed to acting in compliance with the highest moral and ethical values in the management of its activities, inspired by the principles of impartiality, fairness and transparency and in compliance with current legislation at international and national level.

In particular, Olimpia commits to comply with the laws, regulations and rules with regard to labour. It avoids the employment of manpower unqualified to exert an independent or professional activity and the use of manpower coming from professional groups or geographic areas that are not explicitly stated in our terms of service.

Olimpia forbids any behavior which could deny the employee’s capacity for self-determination. Furthermore, it eschews child labour. The company commits to treat each of its employees with respect and dignity regardless of sex, race, religion, age, state of health, sexual orientation, ethnicity, political, personal and social opinions. Consequently it complies to a fair and correct approach in matter of recruitment, access to continuing education, promotions and dismissals. It recognizes freedom of expression and association of each employee.

The Company is committed, in relation to the specific risks associated with its industrial sector, to offer a healthy and safe working environment in order to avoid any type of accident or bodily harm that could be caused by the employment or that could occur during working hours or in any case at the workplace. For this reason it sets up systems that are capable of preventing, avoiding or neutralizing the risks involving the health and safety of its workers in compliance with the provisions of the current – national, co-unitary and international – regulations and laws.

The company is also committed to carrying out its business loyally, in good faith, diligently, effectively and fairly in terms of: compliance with the law, administrative and budget management, relations with the public administration and customs authorities and anti-corruption.