First choice knitwear and hats made in Italy

50 years experience in knitwear’s accessories and hats’ production.

Year of founding

Our company is born from the union of two manufacturing factories.


Items in our archives

Our customers can access an archive of patterns and designs from which they can get inspiration from to create new ones.


Exclusive patents

What makes us unique are Knitcap and Knitfelt, two patents which mix our knowledge in the field of knitwear and hat manufacturing.



Our production is located over two main departments, Mogliano (MC) and Bastia Umbra (PG)
About us

Industrial Skills, Artisan Soul

Creativity and meticulousness of master manufacturers are enhanced by the precision and the power of industrial machinery.

Olimpia boasts of 50 years experience in the production of accessories for men and women.

A gaze on


Just a preview of our worn patterns. Find out the variety of our designs.


A partnership between knitwear and hat manufacturing

Tailoring knowledge and skills combine with the art of hat manufacturing to give birth to an excellent product which gives importance to designers’ creativity. Where particular importance is given to the designer’s creativity.